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Find out which are the best-selling and most appreciated 100% legal Cannabis Light flowers from Hemp Embassy.


All the new products that the market offers, carefully screened by us to offer you a safe choice, updated and in step with the latest trends.


Thanks to the differentiation of our cultivation techniques, Hemp Embassy puts organic cuttings of the highest quality at your disposal, guaranteeing the supply all year long.

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Hemp Embassy caters to the Italian and European wholesale market with highly selected and quality agricultural products and derivatives, which comply with all the regulations in force. Thanks to the agreements with European partners with authorization and extraction license, Hemp Embassy can supply all the products derived from cannabis, such as Inflorescences, Hash, Crude Oil, Isolate, Distillates, Crumble, Wax.


Mauro M.
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High-quality products, great service and punctual shipping, top of the range!
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In a period of work stress, you made my evenings, thank you!
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Definitely the best site to buy legal weed
Pier Paolo R.
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They are the best I have found online, I recommend the lemon and cherry
Roberta E.
Amazing herbal teas!
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I tried herbal teas, and I fell in love with them. The apple and lemon one is a burst of energy
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They are the only ones who have plants with and without CBD, so much esteem


The short answer is: yes, CBD is legal in Europe.

All our CBD inflorescences are marketed with laboratory analysis certification, in accordance with European legislation.

All products marketed or produced by Hemp Embassy comply with European hemp cultivation laws:

  • European decree n. 639-2014;
  • The European regulation n. 1307/2013.

Speaking of CBD cannabis inflorescences we are referring to the flower, or bud, produced by the female hemp plant.


When the hemp flower reaches full bloom, the bud (as it is also often called) secretes some cannabinoids and resin to attract the pollen produced by the male cannabis plants, and thus to produce seeds.


As for the production of CBD cannabis flowers, these are seedless cannabis genetics, which have a high level of CBD: cannabidiol, and a very low level of THC: tetrahydrocannabinol.


Remember: in the CBD market, the seedless flower is the best option. However, not all buds contain the same CBD levels.


The exact percentage depends on the strain of each plant and the cultivation method that is used. Typically, these high CBD types of light marijuana are derived from plants especially treated to produce larger buds and maintain a high CBD profile, while ensuring the low THC content for the legal compliance they need.

It is a cross between indoor and greenhouse cultivation.


Here are some of the main benefits of growing legal weed in GlassHouse:


  • immeasurable growth of plants and a consequently very large yield of flowers;
  • possibility to control the light in order to supply the right quantities to the seedlings and obtain an excellent and rich production of CBD;
  • possibility of planting in advance of Outdoor cultivation;
  • opportunity to grow a greater number of very large plants than with the Indoor technique.


Here are the disadvantages of this method:


  • it is necessary to pay close attention to the growth of the seedlings as they can suffer from the heat, but also the lack of water and humidity (resulting in the formation of mold);
  • sometimes the plants develop in a really excessive way and it is necessary to intervene in some way, for example by tying the stems and moving the pots so that the plants are not too close to each other.


The manufacturers of our light hemp inflorescences often use the GlassHouse method and do it in a really careful way thanks to the strong experience gained in the field. The result is a large production of excellent buds, rich in cannabidiol and free of harmful substances such as heavy metals, pesticides and other chemicals that would compromise their quality.

Indoor cultivation uses lamps to provide lighting to the plant and can be carried out in various substrates: that is, both earth in pots, and through inert substrates such as coconut fiber or roots soaked in a solution of water and nutrients, or hydroponic cultivation.



  • Indoor cultivation allows you to grow in any season and climate, regardless of sunlight; In fact, using lamps, the grower can choose how much light to give to the plants to obtain the desired vegetative growth and to induce flowering at the right time. This allows you to have cannabis crops all year round continuously.
  • The grower has perfect control of the cultivation environment, being in an enclosed environment, there are no external factors such as rain, wind and hail that could compromise the harvest, as well as unwanted insects and parasites. It also has perfect control of the humidity of its cultivation environment, an ideal situation to prevent the onset of potentially devastating molds.




  • The grower is very dependent on fertilizers and preparations that help the growth of the plant; in fact, by not sinking its roots in free soil but inside a pot (or a tank in the case of hydroponic cultivation), the plant will use all the existing nutrients, depleting the substrate in which it is placed, until the new addition by the farmer. This presents the risk of reaching the harvest with enriching substances still in circulation in the plant, if an adequate rest period is not carried out (also called flush) in which the plant is given only water without nutrients, this can present flavors in the tanned flower. unpleasant, ruining the finished product.
  • Indoor cultivation is the most impactful from an ecological point of view, the intensive use of lamps, and therefore electricity, will make the grower cry when the bill arrives. Not only that, but higher consumption also means more pollution.
  • This massive use of fertilizers and the need for electricity, as well as water for irrigation, means that indoor cultivation also has the final price of the product among its cons: for the same variety and product, cannabis grown indoors has a higher cost. 

Outdoor cannabis cultivation takes place, as the name suggests, outdoors: roots in the soil, sunlight and irrigation as natural as possible are the masters. The grower is tied to the seasonality of the plant, so he must be careful when to start cultivation, not too early, not too late, based on the genetics he is treating to get the best possible result.




  • outdoor cultivation uses the most powerful lamp currently available for those who want to try their hand at growing cannabis: the sun. Genetics can therefore express themselves to the maximum, producing a large amount of cannabinoids and essential phytoelements and releasing fragrances and effects to the maximum degree possible in a completely natural way.
  • If the outdoor cultivation takes place on soils that are naturally rich in elements, the grower will not need additive fertilizers to obtain a high-quality result. This also goes to create specialties and diversities on the territory; for example, a variety of cannabis grown on the slopes of Etna will benefit from the volcanic soil rich in minerals and will have special and specific organoleptic qualities of its geographical origin, dissimilar to those of the same plant grown in a different soil exactly like a tomato grown in the earth and under the sun of the Amalfi coast will be infinitely richer and tastier than a tomato grown in hydroponics indoors in a Dutch shed, although they look the same.
  • No space limitations; the plants are free to grow according to their natural cycle and will be able to grow in height without the limitations due to the closed space of an indoor.




  • Being outdoors is a cross and a delight for outdoor cannabis crops, in fact, if on the one hand, we have all the best elements to obtain stratospheric cannabis, on the other we have a grower who must be careful in case of thunderstorms, hailstorms, excessive rains, extreme drought, parasites, insects, fungi, harmful animals, floods and various and possible biblical plagues that could ruin an entire harvest overnight.
  • Possible crops of males could pollinate female plants even kilometers away; the grower who wants to obtain seedless inflorescences will therefore have to consider, in the case of mixed male and female crops, to consider the canonical trends of the wind in his cultivation area to avoid having plants inseminated following a prolonged gust of wind.

To get rid of the problem of insects and pests, some growers might think of spraying their crops with insecticidal products. While on the one hand there are many biological and non-toxic solutions to protect your crop from unwanted guests, on the other we may have to deal with unscrupulous growers who spray harmful substances (for insects, humans, and nature) only to get rid of a problem.

Growing cannabis in a greenhouse combines the best of the two types described above; plants that exploit the healthy sunlight, with roots in the ground but shielded from external agents thanks to the fact that they are surrounded by a protective structure, precisely the greenhouse.



  • all the pros of indoor and outdoor: protection from the climate and external factors, sunlight and plants free to grow on the ground to obtain the maximum natural potential of the plants.



  • in theory, this solution has no contraindications, obviously assuming that the grower is conscientious in using fertilizers and additives and does his best to obtain an excellent product from an organoleptic point of view.

According to several studies, the cannabinoids contained in CBD cannabis flowers can remain stable for two years if the cannabis buds are stored correctly. Therefore, for optimal long-term storage of cannabis it is necessary to create the perfect environment.


To understand how to store CBD cannabis for the long term, it is important to understand what kills the proprietary agents of the benefits expressed by CBD buds:






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