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Convex - Turn your Electronic Cigarette into a Vaporizer

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CONVEX transforms every electronic cigarette on the market into a “vaporizer” where you can insert the chopped one you prefer!

Applied to any electronic cigarette by simply replacing your drip tip in the 510 connection, CONVEX conveys the vapor generated by the liquid present in the atomizer, transforming it into the aroma you want, whatever product you put in the convection chamber!

The Natural Vape Generation

Convex is a revolutionary dripper capable of enhancing any product you find in nature: from your favorite chopped, vanilla bean, mint. All without combustion. An innovative, practical, easy to use and above all healthy Dripper because it revolutionizes the concept of organic vaping.

The drip tip is made of POM and is the top of CONVEX; by means of the Drip you can savor the aroma; it is the result of a flow of hot steam which, through convection, passes through the solid product. The vapor is generated by the electronic cigarette in its normal use (battery that heats a resistance that vaporizes the liquid in the atomizer).

The drip tip is screwed to the upper flange where the mesh filter is located. The retina is blocked by pressure due to the screwing of the threaded drip tip on the upper flange. The retina has the task of retaining the solid product in the chamber during inhalation.

The chamber is the seat of the solid product that can be loaded by unscrewing the upper flange.

CONVEX could be permanently mounted on the electronic cigarette because if no solid product is inserted into the chamber, the normal functionality of the device will not be affected in any way.

The lower flange contains a second screen that screws into the chamber. Also in this case the retina has the task of containing the solid product in the chamber; the filter is locked in its seat when the lower flange is screwed to the chamber.

In the lower part there are 2 o-rings which have the task of facilitating the hermetic fixing of the lower flange to the electronic cigarette, using the universal 510 connection.

CONVEX potrebbe essere montato permanentemente sulla sigaretta elettronica poiché se nella camera non viene inserito alcun prodotto solido, non verrà in alcun modo influenzato la normale funzionalità del dispositivo.

La flangia inferiore contiene una seconda retina che si avvita alla camera. Anche in questo caso la retina ha il compito di contenere nella camera il prodotto solido; il filtro è bloccato nella sua sede quando la flangia inferiore è avvitata alla camera.

Nella parte inferiore sono inseriti 2 o-ring che hanno il compito di facilitare il fissaggio ermetico della flangia inferiore alla sigaretta elettronica, mediante l’attacco universale 510.

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