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Crtystals Cbd 98& 1gr

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98% Cbd Crystals 1Gr

CBD Crystals are a quality product and probably represent the most effective and healthy (no combustion) way to consume and appreciate the properties of CBD.

On the market it is possible to find different types of products, extracted from Cannabis Sativa subsequently purified up to 98%.

In addition to CBD in the Crystals there is also a small amount of natural terpenes  with the aim of giving the product a minimum of characteristic flavor of a Cannabis extract.

It is very important to use them correctly and in the most appropriate way without running the risk of not being able to fully appreciate their features.

One way is to be able to use them in the kitchen, in small quantities they can melt in boiling drinks, or in the preparation of a cake for example, adding it to the dough.

The probably most indicated, effective and "noticeable" way is to vaporize the Crystals. In this case, however, we need a vaporizer, taking care to keep the temperature below 2000 degrees, to avoid the risk of burning the crystals.

It is a product appreciated above all by a target audience that is looking for a state of relaxation at the end of a hard day's work.

There are those who tend to consume them during the day thanks to the special electronic cigarettes on the market.

Last but not least, there are those who use crystals in "therapeutic" mode to soothe a muscular, nervous pain, or simply to attenuate an anxious state created by a generalized stress due to anxiety and insomnia.


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Crtystals Cbd 98& 1gr

Crtystals Cbd 98& 1gr

98% Cbd Crystals 1Gr

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