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Purple Punch - Ornamental Cannabis Plant

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Purple Punch by US Seed Bank Purple Caper Seeds is an ornamental cannabis strain obtained by crossing two relaxing genetics, Larry OG x Grand Daddy Purps.

The result obtained from this hybrid gives very resinous flowers, with a sweet grape aroma and a very fruity candy aftertaste.

Its scent is powerful, rich in terpenes ranging from sweet grapes, muffins, blueberries and candy cake (Kool Aid Tart).

The combination of these aromas gives a sweet sensation to the nose, with a creamy and fruity aftertaste.

Purple Punch has an effect that helps to relax, relieve muscle tension or chronic pain, facilitate sleep, reduce nausea and stress.


Our ornamental cannabis plants are produced and cultivated through certified organic farming, and in the absence of chemical additives. They come from qualified crops that comply with EU dictates; they are planted, selected and harvested by hand.

Our plants are sold in a vegetative state and therefore are free of psychoactive effects as the THC present is less than 0.2%.

They must be used exclusively for ornamental purposes so to prevent flowering it is advisable to keep them under artificial or natural light at least 18 hours a day.

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