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Pax 2 - Vaporizer for Cannabis Light

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Pax 2 is a portable vaporizer that will allow you to vaporize any chopped up herb you could wish for.

Compared to the previous version, it has better battery life, a deeper heat chamber and four different temperature settings. You can insert more material inside the chamber, ensuring homogeneous heating, you can use it for more than an hour and a half without having to recharge it and, thanks to the different temperature settings, adapt it to various needs. The fact that the battery lasts more than 90 minutes makes the Pax 2 the most ergonomic of portable vaporizers. These have, on average, a duration that does not exceed 70 minutes. It is one of the most handy and comfortable portable vaporizers. The Pax 2 features a smooth, cross-brushed anodized aluminum coating that provides long-term protection the Pax 2 features a flat mouthpiece. However, the raised mouthpiece is included in the package at the time of purchase. The fact that the mouthpiece is flat makes the design very minimal and clean, as well as completely eliminating the bulk that, albeit in minimal quantities, a raised mouthpiece can entail. This flat mouthpiece features a small slot that allows vapor to pass through.

Temperature regulation

The Pax 2 has four different temperature settings (adjustable through the single button present, located right on the flat mouthpiece) which are respectively: 182, 193, 204 and 215 degrees centigrade. With high temperature values ​​different effects can be obtained, while with low levels the taste will be sharper. For example: you can use the already high temperature in the evening and the lowest one in the morning. These factors are very subjective because they still depend on the type of strain used in the vaporizer and the tolerance of the person.

High technology

The presence of an accelerometer inside the vaporizer allows the latter to understand when the vaporizer is near the lips or simply between the hands, in such a way as to preserve, according to an algorithm that manages the heat, the material at the inside the chamber and the battery charge.

High performance battery

The battery life, as mentioned, is 90 minutes. This means that, with a duration of 15 minutes for each vape session, you can enjoy 6 sessions before the vaporizer is completely discharged. The Pax 2 charges via a small magnetic platform with a USB socket. This magnetic platform conveniently attaches to the wall of the vaporizer.
Initially it is necessary to insert the chopped material inside the chamber, trying to arrange it evenly. After closing the chamber, you can turn on the Pax 2 vaporizer by pressing the center of the flat mouthpiece. The button is the same one you will use later to turn it off.


From the moment of switching on, it is necessary to wait 40 to 70 seconds before the vaporizer can be used: this period of time is needed by the Pax 2 to warm up, and depends on factors such as the type of herb, the initial temperature or the battery level. The four LED lights will flash your wait. The LED will then stabilize on the green color to indicate that you can start inhaling.
Stable green LED color to signal the possibility of use. Flat mouthpiece and raised mouthpiece. You can change the temperature of use at any time you want; in fact, just hold down the button for at least two seconds and then press it in the normal way to switch from one temperature to another. Each LED on the wall of the vaporizer will indicate a different temperature level (green, yellow, orange and red).

The aspect that most intrigues the Pax 2 is the presence of a library of games and sounds that seem to be designed with the intention of getting you through a good quarter of an hour.

The package includes a cleaning kit with isopropyl alcohol and 20 pipe cleaners.

For any technical problem you can rely on the 10-year warranty that characterizes the Pax 2.

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