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Mango Sapphire - Ornamental Cannabis Scion

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Mango Sapphire is a plant with a far, heterogeneous origin, whose relatives are Bubba’s Gift and OG/Afghan X. We are talking about an exceptional plant with a sweet, fruity perfume that will bewitch your senses. It’s a hybrid with strong aroma and taste, with note of exotic fruit, coconut and mango. Its effect is powerful and long-lasting.



Our ornamental cannabis plants are produced and cultivated through certified organic farming, and in the absence of chemical additives. They come from qualified crops that comply with EU dictates; they are planted, selected and harvested by hand.

Our plants are sold in a vegetative state and therefore are free of psychoactive effects as the THC present is less than 0.2%.

They must be used exclusively for ornamental purposes so to prevent flowering it is advisable to keep them under artificial or natural light at least 18 hours a day.

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