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Mango Haze CBD 18% - Light Cannabis

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Mango Haze is a variety of legal cannabis that is a very famous among enthusiasts, thanks to its very sweet taste and the great weather resistance of the plant.


The buds of this variety are medium-size, dark-colored and very intense, with red-orange pistils.


Mango Haze is grown using the glasshouse method, a cross between outdoor and indoor.
With greenhouse cultivation you can appreciate the strengths of both: in fact, in this way the plants can benefit from the protection received from greenhouses, the open air, the light and the heat of the sun.
Not by chance, most experts consider this type of cultivation to be the ideal future for light cannabis.
All our crops are GMO-free and come from organic crops that are attentive to the sustainable development of the environment.


The aroma is sweet, soft and delicate. Let yourself be captivated by the notes of exotic fruits, among which mango and papaya stand out! It is the most suitable for fine and delicate palates.


This plant makes the most of hilly territory: for this reason, we grow it in Abruzzo with the greenhouse method.


All our products adopt the traceability system.
The analyzes are available to you in the “certifications” tab
All our products comply with the Italian and European laws regarding the cultivation of hemp:
Law on Hemp of 2 December 2016, n. 242, published in the Official Gazette 304 of 30-12-2016;
Presidential Decree 9 October 1990, n. 309 T.U. Narcotics;
Circular of MIPAAF 22 May 2018, “Circular on cultivation methods and rules of horticulture”
The European Reg.-Delegate-n.-639-2014;
The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.


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