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iGrowcan - Legal Cannabis Grow Kit

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The ingenious iGrowcan is a simple and easy to use indoor growing kit, complete and well designed. iGrowcan contains everything you need to grow your cannabis plant in the best possible way: the pot, the lid that will act as a saucer, about a liter of organic soil, a jiffy for germination, the necessary liquid fertilizer and two autoflowering and feminized seeds (from Royal Queen Seeds) chosen from six different self-feminized varieties, the best known and most awarded: White widow, Ak47, Critical, Northern lights, Blueberry, Quick one.


iGrowcan, the indoor garden enclosed in a can. The perfect gift idea for Cannabis Light lovers!

Follow the instructions below for the simplest cultivation experience of your life:

  • Unpack iGrowCan and open the lid.
  • Empty the contents into a tray.
  • Sprinkle the coconut cube with water and watch it expand.
  • Apply water to the soil mixture and place it in the can.
  • Place a seed in the cube and insert it into the potting soil.
  • Place the can in a sunny place with a constant temperature between 18 and 28 ° C.
  • Follow the instructions and watch your plant grow.
  • Collect around week 10.

What’s in the Can?

At just 15cm high and 11cm wide, iGrowCan will arrive at your address in a discreet package. Open the lid to reveal the components inside:

  • 2 packs of Royal Queen Seeds automatic strains
  • 1 germination cube
  • Compost and coconut blend (1.7 liters when expanded)
  • High quality organic fertilizers for cannabis: 1x 10gr BioGrow; 1x 10gr BioBloom
  • Instructions manual

The Eazy Plug germination cube contained within iGrowCan comes from the Dutch Center of Cultivation Technology. With predetermined pH levels, this cube offers the best possible start to any cannabis grow. These biological tools self-regulate to maintain an exact air-water ratio, and the absence of walls, such as plastic or the like, thins out the roots, creating a healthy and vibrant root network.

The coconut compost arrives in compact form and expands with the addition of water. A simple and orderly job. The organic fertilizers included then provide all the macro and micronutrients needed to grow a healthy plant.

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