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Grinder Aerospaced in 4 parts - Top Quality

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The Aerospaced by Higher Standards 4-part 63mm grinder features sharp diamond-shaped teeth that grind the material into a fine, even consistency to best savor your dried herbs.

Aerospaced by Higher Standards offers a line of quality grinders, precision engineered and made from durable materials. All of their grinders are made from a compact aircraft grade aluminum body to be even more durable. The anodized finish ensures that the coating does not crumble, end up in your precious herbs, or peel off, as happens with low-cost grinders.

All 4-part grinders have a built-in pollen sieve to collect the finest particles of your ground herbs. With the included sieve you can collect the particles and make the most of your material.

Available in 2 colors.

Large size 63mm 4-part grinder features a pollen sieve and bottom compartment to collect the smallest particles of your material
Aircraft grade aluminum with a durable anodized finish with a sleek look.
Sharp diamond-shaped teeth for a fine and uniform grind
Magnetic lid to keep contents safe and prevent spills
Precision balanced head for smooth shredding every time you use it



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