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Afghan Gold - Hashish Legal CBD 19%

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Afghan Gold is a highly prized variety of legal hashish. Covered with gold leaves, it is extracted from hemp coming from the Hindu Kush mountain range, famous for the high quality of the cannabis that grows there.
The flavor is pungent, spicy and aromatic.


This particular variety of legal hashish is presented as the most precious metal of all: gold. Entirely wrapped in pure gold leaves, the surface of this product is as bright and ductile as gold itself.

To the touch it is sticky and malleable, while the internal color can vary from chestnut green to dark brown, according to the characteristics of the flower from which it was extracted.


For the production we use the genetics required by tradition, grown in environments that reproduce as closely as possible the conditions of the Indian mountain ranges. Trentino, Friuli and Liguria are the Italian regions where we manage to obtain the best quality.


The scent of Afghan Gold is spicy, aromatic and persistent. The particular resins of which it is composed give it a ductile appearance and a distinctive, sometimes spicy odor.


Afghan hashish is known throughout the world for the traditions and history of its territory. It is composed of trichomes extracted from dried buds with techniques perfected over the centuries. The legend says that after obtaining the kief (cannabinoid concentrate and aroma), the paste is heated and hydrated until a dense and malleable consistency of dark brown color is obtained.


All our products adopt the traceability system.
The analyzes are available to you in the “certifications” tab
All our products comply with the Italian and European laws regarding the cultivation of hemp:
Law on Hemp of 2 December 2016, n. 242, published in the Official Gazette 304 of 30-12-2016;
Presidential Decree 9 October 1990, n. 309 T.U. Narcotics;
Circular of MIPAAF 22 May 2018, “Circular on cultivation methods and rules of horticulture”
The European Reg.-Delegate-n.-639-2014;
The European Regulation n. 1307/2013.


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